The Western Aikido Association is directly affiliated with the Aikikai Hombu dojo. We are dedicated to studying and practicing the Aikido of the Founder, Morihei Ueshiba, and taught by the late Hiroshi Kato Shihan. We are dedicated to the goals espoused by the Founder who taught the smaller goal of Aikido is to purify and develop ourselves so the energies of the universe flow freely through us; and the greater goal is to work to establish world peace.


We seek to foster friendship, cooperation and mutual respect among all member dojos, sensei, and students. Our president, Robert Frager, Ph.D., 7th dan, was a personal student of the Founder. He is the founder of Sofia University, a well known author, and a spiritual guide in the Sufi tradition. Our senior members include SueAnn McKean, 6th dan, Bob Cornman, 6th dan, Scott Berg 5th dan, and Eddie Frager, 4th dan.